Our expertise


Contract Law

Drafting, advising, and litigating about contracts is daily practice for DUX Lawyers. We assist (international) companies, service providers, healthcare institutions and private individuals. We understand that there is an enormous amount of variety in the issues surrounding contract law. Tailored advice and assistance at the right time, and by the right expert, is therefore essential to achieve the best possible result.

Several factors must be considered before an appropriate contract can be drafted: What is the aim of the contract, who is your (international) contractual counterparty, which law applies to the agreement, which securities are provided. Furthermore, clients must consider additional aspects to mitigate legal risks even after a contract has been written. For example, what are your rights if your contracting party fails to fulfill its obligations? What are the options if you cannot meet your obligations yourself? When can the agreement be terminated and what will be the consequences? Is there a right to compensation in the event of non-performance or after dissolution? And what to do if the content of the agreement is open to multiple interpretations?

It is critical to consider these, and other, issues to minimize potential problems with a contract. Make an appointment with one of our lawyers to discuss how DUX can help you.


Tenancy and Real Estate law

Access to up-to-date knowledge and sound advice is essential for every real estate entrepreneur or landlord. DUX provides sound and relevant advice concerning Tenancy or Real Estate law appropriate to your concerns.

For example, our lawyers can help and advise you about drafting purchase or lease contracts, rental price adjustments for commercial space, subleasing, temporary leasing of living space, termination of lease, defects, delivery issues, easements, boundary disputes and rights of superficies.

Tenancy and real estate issues can be complex; therefore we advise you to seek advice in due time. We are very pleased to be of service.


Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law

It’s an unfortunate reality that not every undertaking is or will be a success. Things can go wrong for a variety of reasons: because of failed agreements, force majeure, economic headwinds but also because of sheer bad luck.

Should you find yourself faced with potential bankruptcy/insolvency, consult a DUX lawyer. Together we will identify the problems, track down the causes and investigate possible solutions. Sometimes an agreement can be reached with the creditors, whether in combination with a reorganization, a moratorium, or a restart after bankruptcy.

Sometimes, the problems arise because of the actions of a business partner. In this situation you can count on DUX to help mitigate the adverse consequences for you and your company as much as possible.

Whatever the options or solutions, you can count on us for sound and valuable advice to help you through this challenging time. DUX is here to help you get back on track. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you realize things might be going wrong.


Corporate Law

Businesses constructions are often elaborate and navigating the multitude of legal entities can be mind boggling. Often challenges arise between directors and shareholders or between shareholders themselves.
Should problems arise, we can provide you with advice and legal assistance.
Our experienced lawyers have developed broad expertise and will guide you as quickly as possible to a favorable and correct solution.

DUX specializes in the legally correct structuring of your business activities. We also provide advice and assistance with drafting the relevant associated contracts.

We strive to help you to achieve your entrepreneurial goals!